A Fabulous evening was had and we had a magnificient turnout of about 70 people, who donated generously to the Ovarian Cancer charity. Thank you to everyone who came and supported this evening.

During this evening on the 24th March we presented Juliana Head with a small thank you gift for her "Italian" presentation and evening.







The Light Between The Ocean a Film shown on the 24th March, many tissues were used by the end of this evening.  Plus a few glasses of wine of course










Some Pictures of the presentation "The Truth About a Romsey Vicar" Who among other many inventive things was the inventor of the "Berthon Boat"

Refreshments were served as is normal.


A Talk was given on Mathmatical Tiles. Which was more interesting and informative than at first you would think.

This was Presentation that replaced the original presentation of "Hidden Hisstory@ rommel in North Africa First Contacts" which we hope to reschedule at a later date.